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Website of the photographer Paul Ickovic.

Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. 
Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.

-- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Welcome to a world of photographs, drawings and writings by the artist Paul Ickovic.

At a glance

Text and photographs by Paul Ickovic
Stinehour Editions, 2016

Designed by Stinehour Editions. 
Limited edition of fifty copies printed on an HP Indigo press at Puritan Capital, Hollis, New Hamphire.

Available from Stinehour Editions.

Nicholas and the Magic Box , Story and Photographs by Paul Ickovic

Nicholas and The Magic Box

Text and photographs by Paul Ickovic. 
Impossible Dream Editions, 2015. 

Designed by Mason Singer. Printed in tritone on an HP Indigo Press at Puritan Capital, Hollis, New Hampshire.
Published in an edition of 100. 

Available from Stinehour Editions.

Gorgeous Infidelities  by Paul Ickovic and Naila Moreira

Gorgeous Infidelities

Poems by Naila Moreira, photographs by Paul Ickovic.
Impossible Dream Editions, 2014.
Designed by Peter Gariepy. Printing by Amherst Designworks; binding by Grey Seal Bindery.
Marbled papers from Chena River Marblers, Amherst, Massachusetts. Published in an edition of 100.

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Safe Conduct  by Paul Ickovic, Foreward by Cornell Capa, Essay by Vaclav Havel

Safe Conduct

Foreward by Cornell Capa; essay by Václav Havel.
International Center of Photography, New York, 1991.

Designed by Mason Singer.
Printed by The Stinehour Press, Lunenburg, Vermont.


Kafka's Grave & Other Stories by Paul Ickovic, Foreward by David Mamet

Kafka's Grave & Other Stories

Foreward by David Mamet.
Okapi Editions, New York, 1986.

Dedicated to Vera and Eugene

Designed by Anthony Sini.
Text printed letterpress by The Stinehour Press, Lunenburg, Vermont. Photographs reproduced in tritone by drytrap offset lithography at The Meriden Gravure Company, Meriden, Connecticut. Binding by
A. Horowitz & Son Bookbinders, Fairfield, New Jersey.
Awarded AIGA Fifty Books of the Year. 

In Transit

Ancestors by Kathryn Ungerer.
Foreward by Patricia Griffith.
Odéon Editions, Boston, 1977

Dedicated to Louis Faurer, friend and mentor

Book design by Larry Webster.
Printed by Thomas Todd Company, Boston. Bound by Robert Burlen and Sons, Hingham, Massachusetts.

Paul Ickovic guides us through our landscape. Like the botanist discovering the intricate variety of plants and their individuality, like the geologist unearthing the formations of layer upon layer of rock and shale, like the physicist splitting the atom, Paul wants to discover, unearth, break apart the mystery of human existence. But unlike the botanist, the geologist, and the physicist, he is not so interested in solving the riddle as in illuminating its infinite complexity. 
Patricia Griffith, from the Foreward to In Transit

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